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Saturn theory
SATURN THEORY P3 Velikovsky's comet COMET
Saturn theory VEL COMET PART 4
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Welcome to Greg Jay's new website Eventually I suppose as soon as I figure it all out in my spare time, it came out of left field, that is to say, I always thought about it but never really thought it would happen, it came as a bit of a sudden surprise sort of, but since I will have one soon I am working through it,    Now to the good stuff......

If you have done any critical thinking about the direction our beloved cosmology and well... all of science really, is heading, which is to me seemingly nowhere, we have the same paradigms in place since the 1660s! Before electricity was even known about, if you have ever wondered why it is the strongest force in the universe is not even talked about by mainstream science then you've come to the right place, have you ever had the feeling that mainstream science seems lost in the wilderness? We've been fooled by the mainstream? well, I used to be one that put these scientists on a pedestal like Carl Sagan, until I looked at one video that I put on by chance by Wal Thornhill at that time a seed was planted and out of curiosity to look into it more it became more and more compelling, then I realized that all of us were indeed being led down the primrose path, until finally the whole cardboard hoax that is mainstream cosmology crumbled before my eyes. I have to admit it is so liberating and I was once again interested in science and plugged in, pardon the pun void of the dogma of course. I plan to explore The Saturn theory, in addition to presenting a comprehensive model of ancient myth and the electric universe.

When I read that analogy Velikovsky made “Once in the twilight hour a visitor came to my study, a distinguished looking gentleman. He brought me a manuscript dealing with celestial mechanics. After a glance at some of the pages, I had the feeling that this was the work of a mathematical genius. I entered into a conversation with my visitor and mentioned the name of James Clerk Maxwell. My guest asked: ‘Who is he?’ Embarrassed I answered: ‘You know the scientist who gave a theoretical explanation of the experiments of Faraday.’ ‘And who is Faraday?’ inquired the stranger. In growing embarrassment I said: ‘Of course, the man who did pioneer work in electromagnetism.’ ‘And what is electromagnetism? Asked the gentleman. ‘What is your name?’ I inquired. He answered, ‘Isaac Newton.’

A magnetic field can only exist in an electric one, basically anything magnetic has been electrified, Nobody told astronomers that Newton lived in the 1660s, before electricity was recognized, like I said before their paradigm is the same as a person creating a map for their life at the age or 8 or 9 and even though one is going to learn so much more they have to ignore all of that because it is not in the paradigm, as absolutely ridiculous as that sounds it is exactly what they are doing in cosmology. I had to bring it to you, it really drives the whole thing home. Our universe is truly electric.