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It is pretty easy to see today with evidence coming in from Virtually everywhere, people are starting to see that our history is not even close to what is being taught in the schools, that gives people an uninspired look really at this linear curve nice and neat and in order, Whats worse to me is the fact that academia and mainstream just keep going over the same old tired paradigms and act as though they don't notice, it can be very frustrating, our mainstream media never reports anything out of the ordinary, death and hate, in their deluded world we go from dumb to not so dumb to smart us and it looks good on paper nothing has happened in 4 billion years that coincidentally just happens that evolution needs it for one thing, and right along side our advancement in brain power is the same linear line in technology's, dandy, only we all either know or are finding out that isn't even close to what we see, In baseball there is how the teams stack up on paper but then you play the game, as soon as it starts every good coach will tell you to throw the plans in the garbage, because if there is one thing you know it is not going to go anything like you expected, and modern archaeology has a big problem, the internet and cellphones, people that have been fed up with their skulduggery are moving out on their own and recording results very different from what have been told.

For one thing, I think it';s pretty safe to say that in ancient times and quite possibly in not so ancient times that mankind was thoroughly engaged in the world wide system of trade. Metallurgy was very highly advanced, as well world travel was also mastered, this is why we had copper mining done in Michigan prior to 5500 BC, that has been found as far away as Crete, the world back then was run like everything one would expect a world to be run like, the kings if there were any were pious and wise, the stone working is unequal, the Countries that were advanced where some or many names have been withheld from us, but a few have slipped out over the years. There is Thrace or the Tracians, Scythia, the Scythian's who called themselves Saturn people, crazy, I wonder why? and maybe a very big one slipped out but as soon as it's name touched our lips the kibosh was applied quickly it seems, Tar Taria, because all lines went silent, nothing more to report. and also there is a very very big name that makes me acquire selective hearing quickly, Hyperborea, Atlantis times 10, for some reason we all have some kind of weird feeling of familiarity with but can't put our finger on it it';s just out of reach, so close but so far away, that cleanses the soul in a world of eternal bliss. A world of full potential,

Be that as it may in an attempt to find some answers lets recap then shall we, okay evidence is virtually every where in the world, that the world has come out of an ice age of information that much we know, also we were world travelers, that means people moved about the world freely, and quite possibly did not even make or create weapons of any kind except possibly for protection against beasts, but if you believe all of the myth, they didn't even need that, because the lion laid down with lamb, all animals were at one time herbivores, and we lived in a herbivore world, vitamins in the plants were extremely high, one could step out into the yard and secure enough food for their day I never took this serious until I read what Velikovsky said about it, this could have been 25,000 years ago or more it could been 10 we just don't know and we get many conflicting reports, but we all feel this was a peaceful world.

It was a time of plenty at least we can say, the weather was always pleasant, in many places downright tropical, the Atlantic ocean did not exist and quite possibly the distance between Eurasia Africa and North and South America could have been closer, California was an island at one time, on very old maps there is a large body of water in between the US land mass and California, anyway, things took place like the Egyptians if that was their real names traded with the Hopi of what would have been the west coast, how else could they both posses boomerangs very similar to one another? We know the Egyptian royalty was partying with Peruvian cocaine, it also seems very possibly they had a form of electricity and even maybe some wild technology's like being able to turn solid stone into butter, but that rabbit hole goes as deep as one could ever expect, Just trying to stay conservative, even if one does that it is still a no brainier that back then it seems that the right people were running things, benevolence ruled the world, then the catastrophes came, and from that point on it became filled with death and danger, all of a sudden people were dead or worse.

They we're left with out any water or food, or shelter in many cases, we had to lookout for our own, to take the words of Wayne Burn in his very poignant synopsis, When you are reduced to being cold, wet, afraid, tired hungry and thirsty, one would learn to lie, to cheat, to steal, even to kill if needed to get the resources needed to survive, after the cataclysms and enduring mega-deaths one would get desensitization to death, as is known by us humans, we get gallows humor, scared wet and hungry survivors would belong to small groups or tribes then tribes become villages, villages become states, states become countries, and then the stage is set for resource wars, lots and lots of resource wars. And now, look at the way the world works today, everything is contradictory to what it's nature should be, the drug enforcement are also the dealers, the military engaged in war nonstop, we are building bad karma exponentially,

the wrong people are in control it seems even if a good one or 2 get in they are compromised or who knows whacked, how can one blow the whistle or report the bad guys if the one your reporting too is the main bad guy? Sounds like a bad B movie but there it is, this is another one that doesn't take a genius to figure out, greed and corruption have achieved all time highs, there is no such thing as a blue chip stock anymore, the stock market is a scam scheme for the rich that are in the know, even though inside trading is illegal, (wink, wink) Money was invented after all as a way for certain people in the good old boys club to have a golden age because so many people will do about anything for money, and the beat goes on, but I have had the good fortune to see humanity at it's best also, if you are ever down or feel like life stinks, do this, call your local March of dimes or in my state it's Easter Seals and go to a noncompetitive special needs baseball game, I guarantee you will walk away feeling very lucky, my daughter has played in such a league but compared to other children there she is also very lucky, they pool everyone together in order to have enough players and every year they field about 6 teams and they have a beautiful ball field that was donated to them. Every player has a buddy, usually volunteer high schooler,

when the kids get there whether in a wheelchair for life or have a disability of any kind severe to mild, most of them forget all about their troubles and for one hour they are as healthy and lucky as anyone, this is so inspiring, the love their parents show them is a beautiful thing, one thing most it makes me know that I have been extremely blessed in life, and it has renewed my hope for the future of our species, that gives me a certain feeling to keep going, and be on the side of love, if there is anything that can get us to the promise land again of a world without war and violent crime love is the way to get there, as well as our ticket to heaven there are so many good people in the world the problem is that one person can screw everything up what takes many people a long time to achieve. like I asked in the title where have we been, perhaps the bigger question is where are we headed? Peace, G PS this blog will be augmented periodically

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