Welcome to Velikovskyland,  Immanuel Velikovsky's archives more like gift to mankind,  published and non published material one can get lost in the ancient past there.

Home of the The Electric universe revolution,  that has dumped the world of mainstream cosmology on it's ear 

Wal Thornhill's personal site is full of good stuff of all things electric universe.

Jno cook's fantastic website and story recovering the lost world.just great work from Mr. Cook who I hear has sadly passed on now. RIP sir 

this is where I store all of the cool quips n quotes known today as memes

Ted's amazing site with 10,000 scholarly things at least, of higher learning,  he has everything in here

Ramon's site for ammo for the electric universe this is a social media site and academic archive. Good work Ramon!

Troy Mclachlan's website on our glorious past and all the wonderful civilizations we have had, and how magnificent religion has been at showing the world love & mercy, and how benevolent the church has been. life is good.  truth is exactly the opposite.

This is a very well made website and stuffed full of information  This site has impressed me big time.

This site is a masterpiece of work, if you are interested in the Saturn theory then you are in for a royal treat, it is all there.