Electric universe synopsis by Wallace Thornhill

From holoscience.com Mr. Thornhill's website http://www.holoscience.com/wp/synopsi... This is a brief synopsis of the electric universe paradigm, if you are new to it please do not judge until you have seen the comparison between gravity cosmology vs the electric universe, the facts speak for themselves, mainstream cosmology may not act like it on the surface but they are in serious trouble, the more information they get from probes in space the more it confirms we are living in an electric universe They (eu) work backward by connecting observation, experiment & comparative mythology vs mainstream beginning with what they think happened then speculate, using math and redshift, however, redshift was proven by Halton Arp the astronomer to be intrinsic and connected to their parent galaxy by filament of plasma, Mr. Thornhill gives a strong synopsis. Basically to me this is it in a nutshell, the fear of mainstream science being devastated by the fact that they are and have been completely wrong is stunting and thwarting our growth. They have no feeling of duty to the truth, they only wish to continue with the status quo which is woefully corrupt and inept in every way. Look at what the analysis of the Brooking report is, of all groups scientists will be devastated by the discovery of Superior creatures, just replace the word ET with the electric universe paradigm and you have it. FYI- I will be on the Oppenheimer Ranch Project tomorrow night June 6th D-DAY at 10 P.M est, stop by if you can here - Premier tomorrow https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGF7B... Here is Oppenheimer's channel page - also check out my friend Slightly slanted sleuth for the truth, https://www.youtube.com/user/333STONE Help support my work my Patreon page is here https://www.patreon.com/gregjay

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