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Iran-is-run-by-cia? + Tunnels to inner earth

“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”


I stumbled into this and am horrified at what I just read, I need to have this cleared up please, this isn't true right? This literally blew my mind, it can't be true or can it? Is it really that bad? I so don't want to believe it. Check it out. http://aangirfan.blogspot.com/2011/11/iran-is-run-by-cia.html I find it no less than heartbreaking. WTF is the world headed, is the deck stacked against humanity that bad? Tell me it ain't so! Just put that in your address bar and read. It all came about apparently because Iran was about to become Free from Brit and US oil interests. The people played right into their hand. Criminal genius really, however very sad . It is starting to be that I don't want to know anymore, it is too ugly the higher one goes, the uglier it gets. I fear for my kids future, what kind of a world are they headed for . Which causes me to take a long look at people like Assange at wikileaks or Snowden, are they on the payroll too? I would imagine so. There is no such thing as the good guy side right? It is looking that way. There is no free world it is all an illusion, I have to say amazing . Well that was 40 years ago, do you think that was then and not now or is it worse than ever? How could Trump ever hope to drain the swamp when its all thats left to live in? Or is that just his shtick, in an unrelated story check out this video at 7:11 mark


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