Medicine men, Shaman & Witch doctors

Native cultures of the world and they're practices, methods, magic and medicine have always intrigued me a great deal, for me there is a feeling that there is a certain knowing, it's hard to explain, so I decided to do some research, share it, I combined my sources into one story line from 3 essays I found, for some of you deeper researchers, I have included a list worth the time to look into, amazing how enlightening just a little research can be. There is so much to learn and so little time, native peoples history, legends, myth, & medicinal ways and method of treatment , I read 4 stories as listed, then shamefully throw in a plea from my son, lol, I didn't tell him what to say, I just said hey Nate will you record something for me for a donation, just be pithy, that he was, but I do not receive many except for a few very thoughtful folks that I appreciate more than I can say, if you get something from this please consider giving something back for a cup of coffee, or a sandwich, or share a video if you can't right now, I do understand no worries, I would never ask for much. I wish I was rich and didn't have to ask, the original song is a quick mix that I liked, no effects yet. extra pictures left and needed a song at the end, thus I had my excuse, please forgive me, Some of the art wanted to give some exposure to, Deviant art is home to many talented artists. What if these spirals are Ted's electrified water tunnels? Just saying, My sources of research are as follows: nature scenes healing music - \legends of America \ other site used NAVAHO SKINWALKER Peyote song - White tepee - Vimark Tepee's are making a big comeback, many folks are putting them in their backyard or on property and they are beautiful, Imagine how hard it would be to make one the old fashioned way. Jennyben painting- River somewhere in Yorkshire Tepees- Deviant Mike village - Exile tepee borealalis - Racoon painting tepee by the lake by Deskridge buffalo Davy - aka paintingartmonkey me nephew talented painter Limewirerogue - his daughter - my nephew's daughter is my great niece right? This is a slight deviation, I like to take once in awhile worked on this one for awhile. This is all non-profit for education, information & entertainment purposes only, fair use section 18, fair use act 1976, I can't help but think about the section of grand canyon where Egyptian things were allegedly found early 20th, with sarcophagi and all, disappeared, also there is a wooden sculpture of Cromag man that when I first saw it I thought it was a native American, is there a link between Cromag man-Native American's? I am not saying there is but it definitely provokes thought. When I was reading the material I Had 2 old timer whistles, with S oh boy, I accentuated them instead of deleting jus fer snix. My twitter page and I made a Patreon page, I have a blog page here

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