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It is pretty easy to see today with evidence coming in from Virtually everywhere, we are starting to see that our history is not even close to what was fed to us and now our children in the schools, that gives people an untrue & uninspiring look really, at this linear curve nice and neat, in order, where we go from dumb to not so dumb to smart, no I'm not gonna say H-bombs & striped toothpaste, Lol, I guess I just did. Well John Anthony West was a truth fighter in a lot of ways, and to the holy fathers of TV cosmology/physics thing, eh, that is the only possible way it could have happened, regardless of what the shocked and twisted mountain ranges tell us along with the ancient myth which we know is really a peoples history usually in song, the reason being I assume that song lyrics are easier to learn and retain.

Once we had to remember everything, we had incredible memories however, once writing came around so did forgetting and we have lost some very important information, you know the more I think about Velikovsky's theory on the whole tower of Babel incident, the more I think he could be right, the population must have received an electric shock plus according to Andy Hall of the thunderbolts group ( video is top middle videos page) we had some viscous operators namely highly charged plasma and even the wind could just generate an electric field, highly charged places that came up right out of the ground, this would have made getting out of the cave or shelter very risky, and falls rather nicely into Ramon's archaic period, he mentions 3 periods archaic-Gobekli Tepe - & modern have to double check the 3rd one, could be wrong.

It does line up, operating right around those times, so there is no question the earth was vastly more electrical than it is today, at one period the sky was ionized, whenever anything is ionized it glows, anyway getting back to being zapped, Lol I ramble, it will get better once I get used to writing, just like a shock treatment only who knows how powerful? We suffered some more major memory loss to go along with our amnesia & Psychological Scotoma can't forget the SCOTOMA - Thus, in psychology, scotoma can refer to a person's inability to perceive personality traits in themselves that are obvious to others. And at the highest abstraction level are what have been called intellectual scotomas, in which a person cannot perceive distortions in their world view that are obvious to others. Sound familiar? Lol,

We are all engaged in doing all we can to find out, but academia? it's just another year with the same text books,


4.5 billion years plus you got the father, son and holy ghost of science the big 3 Big bang-uniformity-evolution all scratching each others back. Lovely, it looks good on paper nothing has happened in 4 billion 500 million years, because that just happens to be because evolution needs it for one and right along side our advancement in brain power is the same linear line in technology's? no not really, we lived the same way for millennia, but once the industrial revolution hit aka(Tesla came to earth) we took off like a rocket, but even though it seems we are getting way ahead the truth is that everything we have today is really 1927 technology that gets improved upon, when you look at it in that context it puts it in better perspective, but ( a lot of buts) that is when we';re talking about using the Newtonian/Einsteinian antiquated physics.

I have no doubt that the next gen physics, plasma & torsion physics are being fully exploited, some where right at this moment, we unfortunately are not privy to that information for now, but the truth has a chance, I think modern archaeology has a big problem, the internet and cellphones, There are many people that have been fed up with their skulduggery are moving out on their own and recording results very different from what we have been told. You'd think sooner or later a tipping point would be reached, but again it will take more awake than asleep.

So many people live the same exact lives because we have to make a living, today both parents get home from work tired, then there is kids, dinner, get kids to bed,have a couple hours spend it together watching some show get to bed do it again the next day, it is a mental treadmill, and the bodies time of life, the mind comes later when we get a bit older, we start to know the BS is high at that point, we know were not gonna live forever and perhaps that is when we go off in search of the great work we all seem to have to do, however, the powers that be have really made it as hard as they can to escape from, the TV is a total instrument of hypnosis if you ask me. it wasn't until I got tired of paying a cable bill that was in ridiculous land every month and quit watching the boob tube and shifted over to YouTube, it is so much better, no more 150 channels and nothing is on, very liberating, no more ridiculous cable bill, and I get to watch whatever I want, and I have VuDu for movies every blue moon. YouTube can be a challenge to get away from the superficial top to get down where all the goodies are, that is why I made so many playlists so you don';t have to do what I did to see good content, check it out sometime. There on my front page are the categories I consider my most interesting videos then the playlists start, to get to the 2nd page simply hit playlists . if it does not work just copy and paste to addy bar. https://www.youtube.com/user/thegregjay1/featured?view_as=subscriber

To be added with Ramon video:

For one thing, I think it's pretty safe to say that in ancient times and quite possibly in not so ancient times that mankind was thoroughly engaged in the world wide system of trade, that is one of the reasons I think there was some kind of great peace in the world, I'll get there eventually. Metallurgy was very highly advanced, as well as world travel, they had no problem with spending a few months on a ship this is why we had copper mining done in Michigan prior to 5500 BC, Maybe I was wrong about the peace thing but if people are trading and travelling on the oceans or waterways we know the Atlantic ocean much might not even have been here, so we can assume safely I think, it wasn't at all like today. But one doesn't make

war with trading partners I would think.

The Countries that were advanced where some or many names have been withheld from us, but a few have slipped out over the years. There was Thrace, Scythia, the Scythian's who called themselves Saturn people, crazy, likewise the there were people the Phoenicians called themselves purple people, which reminds me, mainstreamers still give the same answer when asked why is it purple that represents royalty, they say because it is the hardest color to make, to that I have to laugh, yes that is the propaganda party line answer, until one realizes that blueberries were everywhere, and they are called blue berry but most of you should know they are really purple, which is just red and blue mixed together if you paint you know all about that. As a kid we would mix crayon colors and marvel, red & blue made purple indeed. I sometimes will do it in painting too, so that answer is really weak, but I understand why,

It's not like I expect them to tell em the truth, because it was the color of our sky for a long time, that we know of exactly how long is impossible to say.

But things live in all of us in our Psyche or subconscious minds, a trait memory, and certain capillaries light up within us, for reasons we can't quite explain but definitely feel something. Have you ever heard the story of the little boy James that as early as the age of 2 was obsessed with Navy fighter planes vs the Japanese? when I first saw that program I felt as though I had a grasp finally that there is an after life, if you haven't seen it I recommend it to watch, just search boy who was reincarnated WW2 pilot, amazing story. AT one part the kid had a play fighter in the closet and his dad was working in the room, his 3 or 4 year old son comes rolling out of the closet and the dad thought something might have happened he asked the boy, are you okay? the boy said yeah I just got shot down and had to bail out!, Lol Dad started looking and found the exact guy he was friends names were all correct right ship name, tail number, it is very enlightening.

Was Hyperborea & Tartaria real or fiction?

maybe a very big one slipped out but as soon as it's name was mentioned the old kibosh was applied quickly it seems, because all lines went silent, nothing more to report. and also there is big name that makes me acquire selective hearing for quickly, Hyperborea, Atlantis times 10, for some reason we all have some kind of weird feeling of familiarity with but can't put our fingers on it, but we can lets recap what we do know with some sense of , evidence is virtually every where in the world, that the world has come out of an ice age of information that much we know, also we were world travelers, that means people moved about the world freely it would seem, quite possibly did not even make or create weapons (my theory but I have read it more than once) of any kind except possibly for protection against beasts, but if you believe all of the myth, but that really is something we will probably never know. VORDOMESTUIC IONIC DISCHARGE

There was a time of plenty at least we can say, the weather was always pleasant, in many places downright tropical, the Atlantic ocean did not exist and quite possibly the distance between Eurasia Africa and North and South America could have been closer, California was an island at one time, on very old maps there is a large body of water in between the US land mass and California, more like running through central California, anyway, things took place like the Egyptians if that was their real names traded with the Hopi of what would have been the west coast, how else could they both possess boomerangs very similar to one another? It could be coincidence, but they could have traded as well but I realize that can't be the only connection and it's not, We know the Egyptian royalty was partying with Peruvian cocaine, it also seems very possible they had a form of electricity maybe more than they could handle, Troy seems to think they did not carry metal lightning rods around with em and even maybe some wild technology's like being able to turn solid stone into butter, but that rabbit hole goes as deep as one could ever expect, Just trying to stay conservative, even if one does that it is still a no brainier that back then it seems that the right people were running things.

Then at some point the catastrophes came, and from that point on it became filled with death and danger, and the craziest plasma movies in the sky ever! all of a sudden people were dead or worse, left with out any water or food, or shelter, we had to lookout for ours, to take the words of Wayne Burn in his very poignant synopsis, When you are reduced to being cold, wet, afraid, tired hungry and thirsty, one would learn to lie, to cheat, to steal, even to kill in order to get the resources needed to survive, after the cataclysm and enduring mega-deaths one would get desensitization to death, as is known by us humans, we get gallows humor, scared wet and hungry survivors would belong to small groups or tribes then tribes become villages, villages become states, states become countries, and then the stage is set for resource wars, lots and lots of resource wars. I couldn't agree more, I think it drove us insane.

Check out the work of Immanuel Velikovsky. Plus the Thunderbolts group.

12/10/2019 On a whole other level grain of salt recommended

let me get this straight, the dinosaurs didn't go extinct they evolved to high intelligence creatures? Well maybe on a different planet then came to earth but earth is not original of the sun it was once in a red or brown dwarf system that is now the planet Saturn Jupiter was once in a hot Jupiter phase and orbited the sun at .75AU and Ganymede which still has a magnetosphere is where humans were once living a safe planet with not monsters we are Aquatic apes not originally from earth everyone knows that reptiles thrive in the Infrared light which is what red dwarf stars give off, it is not that big of a stretch to see this whole situation be true, 1 million people a year go missing and are never seen or heard from again. Earth then would be a farm for the reptiles. Do I believe it? No but is it possible? Of course. See Saturn theory also Saturn death cult. Also every now and then I think its possible, a benevolent human is sent to earth by some entity or deity, these people are usually RH- to steer human history, do a search of all of the RH- people that have been famous it is jaw dropping, all people that have had a big impact on the history of the human race some examples are JFK, , Tesla, Elvis, Jimi Hendrix, RFK, Malcolm X, (I think I saw his face) Gandhi, the list is amazing. Saturn earth and Mars all have between a 23-25 degree tilt indicated a family, plus earths oxygen and water match Saturn perfectly, Saturn was not earth original star though maybe now, that could have been Uranus but its too hard to call right now, Saturn took earth from Uranus, Jupiter swiped earth from Saturn then finally the sun,


don't be afraid to use my imagination, let others paint my reality, Poke a hole in the status quo, imagination is creative power, some call it paranormal because many people can not deal with it in any normal way thus it becomes para normal, upon returning from space, astronauts reported things like seeing people walking around, or hearing voices of dead relatives, it was kept classified because it is not normal, the body is always giving us feedback we know how we are doing from the feedback it gives us, our dreams are anything but normal, we let our problems run our life sometimes, if one is consumed with problems creative consciousness is effected, the biggest problem for us all is the wrong people are running the world, we all know it but nobody seems to know how to change it, and we accept it, why do we accept it? When Rome was collapsing they needed to find a new way to control people so they invented religion , mind control begins, if they complain burn em, well they can't quite burn us today but they can ruin us, or use discreet methods, now they have painted everything reinterpret it all and concur with one another, they painted our history, our cosmology, our archaeology, geology, etc. Control the consciousness and pound it into us every single night through TV and media, if kids show the ability to freely think drug em, create fake enemies, keep people in fear, David Ickes Problem, reaction, solution, or my favorite, the Totalitarian tip toe, scattered dissent cannot fight it, JFK warned us in 1961 and asked for the public's help but he threatened so many status quos he received very little if any help at all and they eliminated him, back to status quo there are no more JFK's.

PS, Ramon did some great work here,

This stack of impossible looking rocks were found just sitting there on lake Michigan

12/12-13 2019

Ramon has written 46 papers apparently, and he doesn't say it, his work and commitment and sacrifice should be acknowledged in some way, even if it's a thank you,

that's a lot of work, how many people do you know that has authored papers, true anyone of us could go there and author one, and I may just do that one day when I am ready but still, that many papers? That is a committed individual, one thing I have noticed always say , must never do, have you ever had anyone complain to you about a person, an author, or scientist or group anyone, that another one made the complaint that they only look at what supports their theory only, and poo poo the rest out of hand, instead of finding it interesting, tweak time, they just shut down to it? Then not long after the plaintive does the same exact thing? but it's common in the world of science, even the highest minded scientist gets caught in the same trap they accuse another of being in. We all may suffer from that stigma to some degree maybe, In Ramon so far to me it looks we have a committed enthusiastic most importantly truthful, researcher here, when an organization gets to the size of the Thunderbolts folks things happen that are not always known or found out by the upper echelon of the powers that be, Velikovsky once received a letter by an English woman who praised him for his honest work and pleaded with him not to lose sight of his goals to inform the world, she also said that it isn't the holy Father that stands in the way, but the lower levels that get over zealous and they put their own personal likes and dislikes then act in a way that is not beneficial to the organization and then the machine slowly degrades, I do not know if this is the case but I do know in any organizational situation where people come together there is going to be some that will feel threatened by a new comer or worry about their slice of the pie, then dissension happens, once again the pursuit of success becomes the big prize in lieu of doing what they intended to do at the very start,

in the history of known things, or should I say unknown guessed things, Those small Mandela type changes to me are all of a sudden like, whoa- Moses has horns! Is this all of a sudden or have I just been freeze dried living in a cave? Since when did Moses get turned into Zeus? I think horns could signify they were perhaps very electric,the whole world was, we had a mighty big planetary drama right above our heads, to look up see what they saw it had to be overwhelming and put sheer terror in them. If it did that today I don't think society could handle such a thing. Never did before anyway or ever have I heard King Arthur the legendary mythical king now comes from Hyperborea? I admit the fit is nice, but I never heard it before in my entire life.

12/14/19 Earths electric field was charged to a point that the atmosphere was ionized Lit up, With intense electrical[l discharges and he mentions vortex winds of super sonic speed, that is interesting because the Hyperboreans it was mentioned that people died in great hurricanes. Barrier discharge, minerals and water can ionize under the ground and lightning can occur from the ground . Jupiter generates its own heat, sounds an awful lot like a star to me, Jupiter is also said to be emitting microwaves, funny Velikovsky said this in 1950 or even earlier, NASA is playing their cards close to their chest though and are not telling us their results, I suspect it is for good reason.

Looking in my notes from Earth in upheaval, which is good even more now, running into Ramon was very fortuitous, yes? The ice in Greenland was 6,000 feet thick in the middle of the vast island, in 1947, today it's OVER 14,000 feet thick, Global what? in Spitsbergen there are coral fossils, showing hard evidence that it must have been in a tropical zone of earth, these things exist the world over there are signs in the middle latitudes of ice AGE effects. The earth saw tropical plants in polar regions. This all gets ignored by the mainstream for obvious reasons, in the Alps a younger chain of mountains were lifted up twisted like a rubber band and thrown on top of an older mountain range. Where artifacts of human settlement were found at the highest elevations. The Himalayas, 29,000 feet high, where Himalayan pink salt comes from, healthy, but at the top of the Himalayas have been at some time in the past the bottom of the sea. In order to impact as much salt into the ground this sea had to have been around for a long time, magnetized Rocks on the Himalayas show to have been charged by a body many times stronger than earth's magnetosphere. Ramon presents his evidence that large body was Jupiter the midnight sun of the ancient Egyptians was very close to earth, this would have been post Saturn, post any configuration or alignment, It is beginning to show that our tiny planet earth was at one time and not all that long ago in geologic terms, very close to a gigantic thunderbolt shooting planet, Jupiter no doubt, could be seen well by the Hopewell, they created mounds on the ground that very nicely depicted a copy of the octagon at Jupiter's north pole. Greek god Zeus, with a blast of Zeus's nostril a whole mountain range could lift 15,000 feet, the Talmud reports that after the deluge earth had low oxygen and fires were hard to start, Ramon attributes the rise in mountain ranges to electro-static lift, which makes perfect sense this evidence is strong. Something had to happen though to back Jupiter off of us, Jno Cook has come in with a possible answer, he wrote that it was struck by a blast from the sun and it burned out of control for a period of a month, moved away with it's moons we somehow got a moon out of the deal either from Uranus or Jupiter. Ramon claims it was from Jupiter. Welcome to the discussion, it should be a good'n.


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