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Velikovsky was on a mission to save the Earth & Mankind

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

In the video titled Worlds in collision Immanuel Velikovsky talks about our urge to repeat the performance of days when the mountains flew! I can't think of a more important message, this video was in the public domain, I tried to upload it to youTube but they blocked it worldwide, lol, of course they did, but this is a great little video, its a bit old but still right on point. The Scientists who claim he is wrong do not understand an electric universe the planets settle down rather quickly due to the electric force it does not have to wobble for thousands of years.

Charles Gininthal said many people caught up in mainstream dogma would rather gouge their eyeballs out than listen to an according to them, Pseudo scientist like Velikovsky, but all one has to do is take a look at what is being said, see who deals in facts and who deals in pseudoscience tactics, who deals in demagoguery, it's ridiculous, mainstream cosmology has not one successful prediction in it's entire history! Since the strength of a paradigm is based on it's ability to predict then it becomes pretty easy to see at that point, Dr. Velikovsky for all his rudeness in barging in on a science they did and do not think he belonged in, but he was looking at society and how just plain wrong everything is knowing that the same people that have it wrong control nuclear weapons his entire being became one on a mission he regarded as not just important but crucial to our survival, that's how I see it.

Like Dr. Velikovsky says in that show, that says it all, man is irrational in everything that he does, as a species, the wars, the violence, classes,the racial questions, a victim of amnesia is living under an urge to repeat the performance, that is why it is vitally important that we learn our true past in order to face it so we don't repeat, we've come very close to WW3 too many times already and honestly I am amazed that we are still here, but he didn't have time to worry about their delicate misinforming egos, he just brought truth and uncommon sense, that is really our best hope our best chance, but many refuse to even look and that is unfortunate isn't it?

Ergo it is the reason I do this, I just cannot stand it when I see injustice in any field but especially one of my favorite fields in all study, cosmology it has to be brought to the light so we can 1. Begin to understand our true past so that we can face it and 2 have the right foundation on which to build. We will not ever know our true past until we get this right, I see that we are up against mainstream science and media our task is a daunting one but we have no choice, those of us that care about truth and justice and our fellow man have no choice but to continue to fight against disinformation with the truth so that we can help bring the truth to the light, I know that you too feel the same way, once a person finds the truth then hopefully they will feel that same inspiration to bring it to others, it is a true grass roots revolution, every single discipline except electrical engineering is carrying a paradigm that is wrong, mostly because it either won't work or can kill a person if done wrong, it's too bad the other sciences are not as unforgiving, that can not be allowed to stand. This beautiful earth that we live on is the only place we have left to live on, as Carl Sagan said in Cosmos, the most inhospitable place on earth is a paradise compared to any other planet in the solar system for human survival, we are fresh out of places to live, this is it we need to do all we can to help get this information to the masses one person at a time if that is what it takes, eventually the truth will win out as Francis Bacon the person behind the scientific method once said, " Truth is the daughter of time not authority".

research the work of Immanuel Velikovsky! He was the first man that ever said we are a species with amnesia, who wrote in his revolutionary 1950 book Worlds in collision, , Man is a species with amnesia, the book was a number 1 best seller but mainstream science buried and suppressed it, nobody EVER gives him his props everybody tries to make it theirs instead, that is so disturbing to me I am referring mostly to Graham Hancock who plagiarizes Dr. V everyday but never gives him credit. that isn't right,

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