NOTES VOL. 1 Dust n Gas 

By NASA/JPL-Caltech/A. Noriega-Crespo (SSC/Caltech), H. Kline (JPL) - Archived link, Public Domain,
we are the most brainwashed propagandized people on the face of the earth, our mainstream media makes Joseph Gerbils look like a kindergartner with a crayon, they hall out the biggest lies, weird things An Indian man that ruled monkeys was named Tesphe funny that is also the name of my 401k, coincidence?

Even as early as 1950 the population was intensly interested in the workings of the cosmos, w9sd-r57h-jr03-fab5
Has the the eagle been turned into a mockingbird and the laughing stock of the world

1. Why is Venus blue but the plasma streamers white? 
2. Did earth have a similar beginning and existence? 
3. How long would it take to become inhabitable? 
What a wicked world in which we live, good still has a chance but the conduit is closing, as soon as it does, will we have another world catastrophe while the evil ones dig their holes in preparation.  Now they have been successful in diluting national pride by labeling it racism, seeking truth called hate, and the evil of the world is busy blurring the line between male and female, digging more under ground,  flooding the country with  a stampeding herd of their favorite word "refugees", the good middle class jobs are gone, just look at what Trump has been put through, now I understand better what is really going on.

 THE TIME MACHINE H.G. WELLS, good story  but believe it or not there is evidence of some things mentioned does exist. Of course  HG. Wells named Hitler wrong but not really because there was an Albert that lived and he committed the highest fraud in history that would be Albert Einstein with his special relativity, which is what our entire science known as standard cosmology is based, which is a complete fraud. Our universe is not commanded by gravity but electricity and it is not 97% dark which would make us contamination, it is 99.9 % electrified plasma. but the sleeping masses refuse to see it, however, an awakening is going on, research electric universe, learn about Halton Arp astronomer and his plight.

stars a focus of Birkland currents flowing around the galaxy, just like electric circuits, here on earth, talk about as above so below, it is the epitome of that catchy slogan, Hello fellow travelers, Today is Tuesday August 27, 2019 Is it just me or is calendar time in fast forward, I can't believe how fast it is really, well, this one is part 2 of Troy Mcglachlan's Saturn death cult, in this book in order for Troy to get to the main item of his point across here much has to be gone through and I have to say the task is daunting, when you think about it, Troy is advanced in his scientific thinking, ahead of his time, not enough folks have heard of Saturn theory before and many are just beginning to wake up to it, it makes so much sense I have yet to see one damning piece of evidence that would say it is erroneous, in fact the more you look the more you begin to see, so I see the mountain he has chose to climb is a steep one,  it is people like him to me that make science so damn interesting. but if something came along that was contrary to it, I would have no choice but to be open to it  JJ Thompson said that all matter is an aggregation of electricity, However as Eric P. Dollard, the genies of capitalism have worked their way into science, everything regarding it is denied, Tesla said you cannot get energy from matter directly there has to be another process involved, the energy from a nuclear explosion is simply shorting out the electrostatic field of the earth, there are 5 million amps flowing beneath our feet but because Einstein didn't say it, it meant very little if anything..


meanwhile all of the important work going on is by electric universe advocates  The magnetic field according to paleomagnetism is finding the igneous rocks are 1 reverse magnetized and even more puzzling is that the igneous rock is many more times stronger than the alleged field that created it, there must have been a much stronger magnetic field than earth by 100 times. H Manley in a review said, it seems odd that earth's rock is magnetized by the earths field should be so strongly magnetized than the creating force, It is implied that in the 6th century the earths magnetic field was reversed in the middle east alone.

stars are a focus of Birkland currents flowing around the galaxy, just like electric circuits, here on earth, talk about as above so below, it is the epitome 
 Einstein said condemnation without investigation is the height of folly, 
2 STARS OR 3 CAN MERGE AS LONG AS THEY ARE IN THE AREA THAT IS THE LOWEST CURRENT OF THE APPLE SHAPE  or toroidial shape, but if they move and their own  helioshperes touch then they will both freak out and one will lose and shed charge to acclimate, 
                                                                           Walter Russell
Immoral truth, all knowledge exists in the mind universe of light, all knowledge is obtained by becoming one with that source, the universe and its  simple principle of creation as one unit,  repeats it over and over endlessly and without variation,  as evidenced by the universal heartbeat, 
you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make a drink DUST N GAS

gamma ray burst

Saturn is about the right size to have been a minor star and was thought to be a ball of gas, although today it is known to consist mostly of liquid hydrogen -- not typical of a star by current precepts. Yet the amount of energy put out by Saturn today (including plasma flows, x-rays, and radio waves) exceeds the amount received from the Sun by a factor of three (where the Sun's energy is calculated as impinging heat and light radiation). That Saturn may have been a star has been suggested by any number of people over the years, but this theory was based on calculation of the mass of Saturn which suggested that it was composed almost entirely of gases.

"Our forefathers in the most remote ages have handed down to their posterity a tradition, in the form of a myth, that these bodies are gods, and that the divine encloses the whole of nature. The rest of the tradition has been added later in mythical form with a view to the persuasion of the multitude and to its legal and utilitarian expediency; they say these gods are in the form of men or like some of the other animals, and they say other things consequent on and similar to these which we have mentioned."
-- Aristotle Metaphysics Book 12
our ancestors were largely incapable of abstract metaphorical expressions until the first millennium BC, except for similes ("A is like B"). Expression of more complicated tropes was absent, despite the obvious fact that new words of any language are developed through metaphorical extensions.


The Palette of Narmer. Palermo Stone of Egypt.
"He of the Bee and the Sedge,

Saturn's moon Titan is bone dry, and yet NASA got the cash to make Dragonfly? a thousand pounds that will fly,  in the sky of the ti tan moon of Saturn, 

When an individual perceives the spiritual Light beyond the religious and scientific dogma created and promoted by the negative reptilians, or talks about the extraterrestrial subject or the free energy or the technologies of Nikola Tesla , etc. – so-called taboo subjects – then he is attacked by defamation in the media, derision, loss of professional credibility, false accusation conjured up, derision, family attack and death, and is expelled from the traditional religion as a lost soul or catechized Back to “save” his soul.

The dogmatic religious establishment, fabricated by design, never stimulates the personal search of the inner god without mediation of the self-appointed ministers of God or the ” representatives” of God on Earth , nor speaks of the acquisition of personal sovereignty or the consciousness of That we are all One with Oneness. Conflicts and divisions keep humans separate from each other and thus easily dominated.

The above describes the subtle and ” soft ” control that is not detectable except by the investigator and by whom he ventures to leave the mold.

How to Get Rid of Holographic   Prison Disconnect from official news, but not from independent news sites, even though caution and discernment are recommended to detect misinformation.

Question everything that comes through official channels, because you may be listening to the opium-like standard of the holographic matrix, the reality made for the benefit of reptilians and keeping the Illuminati in power. He has a mind. Use it . Be astounded by the magic of Nature. Fascínese. Ask yourself questions such as:

Why is this so
how does it work?
What encourages it?
Is this all that is or is there something else that I can not see?
Study the human potential, its latent faculties, the unknown dimensions.

Research with an open mind, meditate, master your mind and your constant talk, hear your Inner Self and connect with your inner God. If you fall, rise up again, and again until it is mastered. Even masters fall, it is impossible to constantly be on the high road, mistakes are times for learning, expect nothing, give without expectation for the sake of giving, propel others if possible, do not be selfish, propel a posative path,

That is the best formula for getting out of the holographic prison.  The complete liberation of Humanity from the Illuminati clutches and from the infernal  hordes will manifest itself with the Illuminati fall of power and the removal of its worldwide network of controllers,

the confiscation of its enormous riches as karmic compensation for its evil action and revelation Of his war crimes and of damage to Humanity.

Share this with everyone you care about. Freedom is the most precious possession we have
“Once in the twilight hour a visitor came to my study, a distinguished looking
gentleman. He brought me a manuscript dealing with celestial mechanics. After a
glance at some of the pages,   
I had the feeling that this was the work of a
mathematical genius. I entered into a conversation with my visitor and mentioned
the name of James Clerk Maxwell. My guest asked: ‘Who is he?’
Embarrassed I answered: ‘You know the scientist who gave a theoretical explanation of the
experiments of Faraday.’ ‘And who is Faraday?’ inquired the stranger. In growing
embarrassment I said:
‘Of course, the man who did pioneer work in
electromagnetism.’ ‘And what is electromagnetism? Asked the gentleman. ‘What
is your name?’ I inquired. He answered, ‘Isaac Newton - Immanuel Velikovsky, Religion drives the boat Newton was crazy and a cannon in the Catholic church as was Capricious, as was well all of em, the man that devised the defunct big bang was a Catholic Bishop, look it up, our universe is electric,
 Religion rules the world, it is the very reason that there is a schism in every science, the church doctrine is the problem, . Not until we lose our primitive superstitions of death and rid ourselves of all that separates  and divides. Revelations already happened but us humans are obsessed with doomsday due to it constantly being pounded into our heads from religion.  the shape the world is in today is all due to religion. Saturn worship look up the Amorites. All religion rips off the ancient Egyptians,Thoth in Sumeria was Nin gish Zita - Lord of the tree of life,  Time table is history 
7th century BC Assyrian invasions   sought refuge in caves or the caves are graves, the perplexed sea was agitated by waves,
ancient Babylon date of solar storm - 
solar system fluff -
on the greenhouse effect on Venus- they are being dishonest, one thing that puzzles me is that there does not EVER  seem to be anyone in any of the sciences that is intellectually honest.


 if a researcher brings in something that doesn't fit he is quickly attacked and called names and ostracized for not supporting the paradigm, remember when in the mid 90's John Leslie not the guy who shot the person snoring but West I think, he brought up the fact that the Sphinx had rain erosion lines on it, and they  they got the biggest big shot they could find Eric Learner to argue the point and he did debate young geologist  so and so on it, but of course they didn't show the debate but the results were reported that Shoch mopped the floor with him, that makes you stop and think wow, Learners argument was if West was right look at the ugliness were stuck with, they pointed out that there were no more places they could give as an example, to which is is pretty hard to find evidence that has been buried by tons of sediment, rock, soil etc but then a guy a mainstream archaeologist found Gobekli Tepe and if you listened you could hear the hot air leaving like a balloon, look what we're stuck with indeed, then there was the pyramid show that put forth all this wonderful information about the great pyramid, and on the other side you had Egyptologists not able to answer how these vases were made out of solid granite, remember the Egyptian antiquities guy? Hawas? yeah he got caught taking bribes from the discovery channel where he was pretty much black mailing them for more and more money in that robot thing they were doing, then I found out that he would have patrols constantly cruising through neighborhoods listening for citizens that might be hammering away in their basements to find artifacts to feed their families, if he found out about it, and he had stool pigeons everywhere the items would get confiscated and the person might get a lengthy jail sentence, so much for the integrity of that so-called science, which brings me to cosmology, before the space age science were debating what Venus would look like, they had anywhere from balmy swampy type of p-planet to high desert but temp wise maybe 20 degrees warmer than earth, then along comes Dr. Velikovsky, an outsider after Velikovsky predicted that Venus would be 600 degrees or higher, in light of the fact that it was a young planet after they got done laughing they starting ridiculing him well then in 1962 Puioneer went by and found the planet to be 800 degrees Menzell the holier than thou Harvard astronomer had an understudy who was growing up to be just like him,  his name? Carl Sagan, and he came up with the famous super greenhouse effect, and they sold it hard, Ted calls it an anti theory theory but Velikovsky came back by stating unequivocally that a planet at the most would get to around 172 degrees with gas house effect, I cannot imagine it getting to 800 , plus when the lander they sent there was descending through the thick cloud layer it reported complete darkness in between the clouds
metaphysical mechanisms

Kincaid same name as the fire in Cali, worked for 30 years as a scout for Smithsonian, 
  I'm going to attempt this one on my own I think I have a pretty good grasp on the idea, in 1966 Astronomer Halton Arp was doing some investigating on piculilar galaxies and he discovered something very important, which is to me perhaps the most important find in the history of astronomy, his name is barly a household name and unrecognizable to most people, but he had a storied past, coming up with and being s student so to say of the man that is said to have made the greatest historical find in the history of cosmology, which is another one of those ironies of history, once Hubble made his red shift discovery it was over at that point, why it wasn't fought so vigorously by the sitting hierarchy I can only guess that they were perhaps in the need of something at that point, thinking that the universe was static and just the milky way galaxy, although Einstein had his theory , had Hubble not been so hasty in announcing his findings he perhaps would have discovered what Arp would go on to discover, however something tells me that actually witnessing Hubble's discovery of the red shift it seems possible he may have had some feelings of something wasn't right, he later goes on to find out what it is, quasars, still to this day astronomers and cosmologists still claim to not know what they are, but if they can create and monster they want and not have to show actual empirical evidence then who cares about em just hypothesize, they see them as these crazy metaphysical dynamos at the edges of the universe, Arp in his compiling of data gain through his telescope and camera, he started noticing a trend that these quasars seemed to be departing the cores of Seyfert galaxies , primarily  young and active, what is actually taking place is galaxies birthing themselves, they begin with a high red shift and as they gain mass and eventually stars they become less red, so therefore what we have is biology in space, galaxies birthing galaxies, that means the the primevil force of creation is electrified plasma! Yes electricity and plasma, I think that clusters and clouds like the Magellan clouds close to the Milky way, are most likely our galaxies babies, and we came from Andromeda because it is blue to us and therefore probably our parent galaxy. It all makes total sense, when I heard about this story I had no choice I had to recognize that this true, therefore everything is,once you learn that, there is no going back because you know their wrong, anything else is just dishonest period, Mercury has traveled on its orbit for 5-7,000 years 
Mercury was the planet that caused the catastrophe of the confusion of languages, Einstein said condemnation without investigation is the height of folly, 
The Golden age, so is this in conflict with the Polar configuration? I don't think so if it was taken out of the situation early and became a non factor,It is lying ON IT's side after all, otherwise it would had to have played a part as a 2nd brown dwarf star it would of commanded a larger role, but since we don't have a time machine some things we just have to admit we will never know, unless some alien race witnessed it, I often wonder if any drama like this is going on out there right now, one thing is evident, humans had to have been around it is just as possible as not that a few of these worlds were populated with humans already, that suggests a storied past just as I suspected, these people were like I said before spiritual Yoda's with much more intelligence than today's humans, they were probably the ones that created astrology, then they would know wouldn't they? Astrology was the first religion ever, and the mind that created it must have been a total genius, but again all that is old is good, it would also go to reason that in this whole dramas conclusion there was only one planet left for all of the civs involved Ganymede planets of Ouronos Saturn, all of a sudden it is easy to understand how earth became populated with different races of people like Wal says of a star being a victim of its environment that to me stands to reason it would be like that with planets and humans. So what is the role of Uranus, the only thing I have been able to get is Saturn replaced Uranus but that is it basically, but if it says that and it does, then there has to be a history there, perhaps Uranus and Saturn and Neptune constituted a triple binary, I says this only because Neptune also is there, and Wal says in another article  that Neptune captured Triton most likely from Saturn, earth was somewhat of a pass around planet perhaps it would seem so,  I do know that in astrology it is Uranus that is representative of the golden age    Sacred executioner   El = Saturn Elohim Phoenician word for deity   Kingdom is a root word for zodiac, Genesis = generation of Isis, Nag hamadi manuscripts in Egypt in 1947 talk about Jesus 200 years before his birth, 

440 days year pre 45 bc, comet seen for 6 days ,must have been colder? Was this a configuration of some kind of brown dwarf stars? Phanus was the god of light?  So did earth orbit Uranus? Uranus is the greek interpretation of heaven?  January 9, the Agonium.
it always boggles my mind that a human mind conceived astrology for example Mercury is heavily involved  with the right brain, and carries the message to your brain the nerves etc. 
Mercury is connected to the right brain and is messenger of the gods, 

Oh he's gonna detail for all of you what happened right down to the tippy top of the nenosaurs testicle humidifiers contractual horblixi formula, Axle trip hynoma is curtailing on monomania peroxide farads, all that foaming and they don't even know the simplest function of a star all they have are impacts, ever notice how often you hear scientists were shocked, surprised and bewildered, that is until some Harvard screwball can invent the fudge factor, I think it's hilarious personally. They can't tell you why a sunspot umbra is darker that the photo-sphere or why if it is brighter in the core where gigantic mutations of some ridiculous amount of hydrogen is being turned in to helium, it should be brighter not darker hence colder,the world of particle physics is one of the biggest scams ever perpetrated on the masses. 
new dwarf planet 
A brown dwarf desert
Jupiter's 12 new moons 
Alien base on  the moon Moon? 
. Arctic circle
 Cigar shaped UFO on Pluto
tried my best, did what I could,
but you took the rest, 

introverts have their own special powers they tend to be creative persuacive people, good listeners and empathetic bosses among other things

if theres one thing I know, its how to make it on my own,   infrared light therapy is beneficial for good health anti aging,
At some point or points in the past, certain groups of humans apparently decided for themselves that there was information that needed to be kept from the ignorant masses as they saw it, who are they? You guess is as good as mine but I would have to say religious leaders of the Talmud & Torah. It's not enough that we have to learn around all of the gravity only BS we have to deal with information that some person down the line of history deemed me and/or us, unworthy of said information. The truth is being with held from the masses, which is electricity rules the kosmos.That is total BS!  
                            NUMBER 1 RULE IN BUSINESS:  GOUGE FOR ALL YOU CAN GET 
QUANTITY OVER QUALITY ALWAYS!  maybe 350 bucks was a lot of money in 1978
well, that just happens to be a magic year for me, my first son was born and I went to work for  one of the biggest auto plants in the world, the reason why back in the 1960s Detroit was labeled the Motor city, that is no more sorry to saty, thanks to corrupt politicians that disobeyed the constitution and slit their fellow American `workers throats by signing NAFTA, there is not one good thing about that so-called treaty that benefits Americans, it might benefit the American government and that is the key for them, they could give a shit about the people anymore, the constitution to them is a joke, they hide behind if possible and if you question them too much they sick some rights group on you, it cannot be fought in the arena of ideas other "things" have been  attached to it, that by the way are easy to see through, but , every President since Kennedy has SOLD OUT FOR PROFIT And been a traitor to the people, I wonder how those 2 can even show their faces with all they have done, murder,corruption, it used to be if you had evidence of wrong doing you would take it to law officials and perhaps there might be justice, I don't know if it really ever existed or not, but NOW  if you did that you would be giving it back to the perpetrators or said crime. There is no justice it seems anymore,  ALL GOVERNMENT HAS BEEN CORRUPTED ,  there is no more new world to escape too, humans corruption , killing walk hand in hand.

 but, I must be clear, it is NOT  all Governments fault, people also have to have have TO  be more responsible with things like their life, with bringing more life into the picture would be number 1 don't ya think? The human race just loves having babies, it's not planned, it is a result of bad practice or to be more precise no practice at all, just turn out more and more people when all the decent jobs get less and less, see a potential problem there? Some make a lot of noise for all the charity Government gives out, well it's a whole heck of a lot better than buying bombs and bullets isn't it?> Our borders are another joke, with a set of leaders like we have had that attack their own countrymen now there is no safe place to hide.
were taught that good always beats evil
but its not true in the real world, evil wins a lot, more often than not
you'd think this is all we got, but that remains to be seen, our tenure on this earth is but the blink of an eye, 
He who talks does not know, he who knows does not talk, there is truth behind all symbols

"Where is the earth's radiogenic helium?," _Nature_, vol. 177 (1957), p. 215.

Also, radiocarbon is being produced in the stratosphere at a rate TWENTY FIVE PERCENT discrepant with its well-measured absorption into the hydrosphere, lithosphere & biosphere; Cook once showed me correspondence that he had with Willard Libby over 25 years wherein Libby finally admitted he was wrong, the discrepancy is REAL and cannot be ignored. The deduction is that the Earth's atmosphere cannot be more than 30,000 years old, else it would have attained equilibrium already, which it has NOT! In Cook's view, the radiocarbon balance in the earth's atmosphere has attained 73 percent of its equilibrium value in the approximately 5,000 years "since the Flood."

In his latest unpublished paper Cook is providing evidence for a theory that the Flood resulted from a combination of his ice-cap model tipping the Earth or its crust as a result of certain Asteroid impacts which he thinks he has pinpointed. [this statement is made on Cook's verbal summary to me, and may be inaccurate]

Physicist Dr. Larry Vardiman has jumped onto the helium-escape problem, and written a 32-page mathematical paper — THE AGE OF THE EARTH'S ATMOSPHERE: a Study of the Helium Flux through the Atmosphere, 1990 — in which he reviews in detail dozens of mainstream attempts to explain away the anomaly, and satisfied me (as a professional mathematician who checked his differential equations) that they have failed, and that the present atmosphere could have been produced in at most 2 million years. (This of course is 2,500 TIMES shorter than the uniformitarian age of the earth.) He quotes mainstream experts as admitting that "this helium escape problem will not go away, and it is unsolved." []By NASA/JPL-Caltech/A. Noriega-Crespo (SSC/Caltech), H. Kline (JPL) - Archived link, Public Domain,
we are the most brainwashed propagandized people on the face of the earth, our mainstream media makes Joseph Gerbels look like a kiddygardner with a crayon, they hall out the biggest lies, weird things An idian man that ruled monkeys was named Tesphe funny that is also the name of my 401k, coincidence?

Even as early as 1950 the population was intensly interested in the workings of the cosmos, w9sd-r57h-jr03-fab5
Has the the eagle been turned into a mockingbird and the laughing stock of the world

1. Why is Venus blue but the plasma streamers white? 
2. Did earth have a similar beginning and existence? 
3. How long would it take to become inhabitable? 
What a wicked world in which we live, good still has a chance but the conduit is closing, as soon as it does, we will have another world catastrophe while the evil ones dig their holes in preparation.  Now they have been successful in diluting nationalism by labeling it racism, and the evil of the world is busy blurring the line between male and female, having no national pride,  flooding the country with  a stampeding herd of their favorite word "refugees" of foreigners, just look at what Trump has been put through, now I understand better what is really going on.